A Roadmap to Energy Autonomy and Sustainablility

The primary purpose of this web page is to post the latest version of

7,000 kWh to Zero in 8 Years FlatA Strategy for Net Zero Energy Residential Buildings by 2020

This is a work in progress and one that will evolve over time. 

This document is the result of interviews with a wide variety of particpants in the energy and housing markets andcluding those that are building Zero Net Energy Homes today.  These interviews and other research were synthesized into a vision of how the market for California homes might be transformed along the lines of the CPUC (California Public Utility Commision) Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan:

"All new residential construction will be zero net energy by 2020."

If such a plan is implemented in California it has the potential of impacting the energy efficiency and renewable energy markets in other parts of the world for the benefit of our shared biosphere.

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Jon McHugh

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California's Goal for Energy Efficiency & Renewables